Cancer Counselling

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is never easy. You may be wondering whom you can reach out to, or feeling uncertain what is going to happen next. Feeling numb, confused or sad are natural feelings you may experience initially. However, you do not have to go through this journey alone.


How we may support you:

Psycho-emotional & Psycho-social Issues
How one feels and thinks has an influence to how he/she physically experience a situation. While proceeding with cancer treatment, most people find that sharing their thoughts and feelings have helped them manage their condition better. In CanHOPE, we have a team of therapist and counsellors dedicated to support you in managing your emotions, fostering resilience and easing resumption to living well. We also offer individual, couple and family therapy sessions for our patients and caregivers on an appointment basis or via referral by your physician.

Coping with Cancer & Treatment
Cancer treatment presents itself with a myriad of physical and emotional changes and challenges. We seek to provide education and support for patients and care-givers embarking on this healing journey.

Support Group Activities & Programmes
CanHOPE works with professionals and volunteers in conducting support group programs for patients and caregivers. These range from fun, healthy and basic-level physical programs such as Zumba, Line Dancing and Yoga, to recreational activities such as handicraft-making and cooking demonstrations. We also provide specialist workshops on topics such as Art Therapy, Emotional Fitness and Focus Groups for specific segments such as “Stem-cell Transplant Patients”. Click here for our schedule of activities.




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