Nutrition in Cancer Care

In order to ensure patients eat well during their cancer treatment, you must first understand what nutrients are affected by the treatment, and how these nutrients are required to ensure the well being of patients. 

Educating patients and their families on nutrition principles, dietary plans and diet modifications, and showing them the finer points of food selection and preparation becomes the utmost important step to naturally nourishing the body back to good health through everyday diet.



The nutritional services include:

Nutrition Screening

In this screening, patients will be required to complete a quick and simple questionnaire during admission to the hospital. This initial assessment allows early identification of any malnutrition risk. If a problem is identified on screening, a more specific assessment and evaluation will be conducted by a dietitian.

Individual Dietary Counselling
Dietary counselling provides individualised nutritional advice to encourage modification in the patients’ eating habits. It provides the patient important insight into food-related illnesses and education regarding how the intake or lack of various nutrients affects illness. The counselling may also be tailored to meet the treatment needs of patients on the diagnosis of specific illnesses, and can help to reduce onset of complications and/or side effects in addition to an improvement in general well-being. 

Nutrition Workshops
Understanding the right nutrition for each individual is an important step to eating well. Many of us are interested in the relationship that specific foods, nutrients, or lifestyle factors have to specific cancers. There are many dietary therapies or regimen that claim to have an positive effect in preventing cancer. There are also many studies on health/eating behaviours and how they affect cancer risk. Some of these topics will be addressed in the group nutrition workshops. In the workshops, the guidelines shared by health researchers will be translated into practical tips and food choices that may be useful in keeping you well and healthy.

Cooking Classes
Being able to eat well is comforting in times of illness and eating something familiar and nutritious at the same time, may help in the patients’ recovery process. Cooking classes organized by CanHOPE featuring recipes by some of Singapore’s top chefs and chefs from Indonesian, designed with cancer patients in mind remain to be popular. These cooking classes are an inspiration to all who want to eat and live well. 

Nutritional Resources 
Nutritional tips and guidelines are summarized into handouts for ease of reference. These are:


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