Support Groups and Programmes

CanHOPE Support Groups consist of organised programmes that bring together individuals led by either a professional or peer leader. Regardless of their structure, most support group programmes share the same goals of promoting participant self-awareness, provide accurate and timely information, assisting in the discovery of problem solving strategies and fostering mutual support among group members.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, has started your treatment journey, or have been declared a survivor, CanHOPE’s support programmes will look into your needs and concerns. We understand cancer is a family affair, affecting every member, hence, we also offer programmes for caregivers who are critical providing everyday support for the patient.

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Our programmes can be organised under three broad frameworks:


Doctor’s Talk
Doctor’s talks aim to give patients and their caregivers insights to the different treatment options for various cancer types, trends and other latest updates. 

Ask the Dietitian
A well-planned and healthy diet forms the foundation for a constitution pathed for the road to recovery. You might have heard about preferred diets for cancer treatment or foods to avoid to prevent cancer formation. The Ask the Dietitian workshop aims to answer any questions you might have pertaining to your nutritional needs at different stages of cancer treatment. 

Ask the Counsellor
Helpless, lost, depressed – these are some emotions that you may feel when you are informed of the cancer diagnosis. You wonder how you will deal with the illness and how it will affect your family. Our counsellor will assure you that what you are feeling is normal and things will likely improve with treatment. If you are concerned about how you and your family are managing with the treatment, our counsellors can help. 

Planning for Your Finances
As with any patient diagnosed with a life-threatening chronic disease, it is normal to worry about how cancer can affect your family finance. But fret not, ask yourself if you are insured by a medical insurance, or check with the hospital if there are any available financial assistance should you need one. We will be glad to offer some sharing points on how to plan your finance over the treatment period.

TCM and Cancer Treatment
Our oncologist will share on the various aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine and illuminate its different roles in relation to the management of cancer. This session will be a good platform for survivors, patients & caregivers alike to increase their knowledge, clarify any doubts & dispel myths on this popular yet unfamiliar subject.



Managing Lymphoedema
The effects of cancer and treatment on the lymphatic system may subject survivors to physical challenges arising from lymphedema (swelling that develops as a result of an impaired lymphatic system). In this talk, a physiotherapist will help participants to understand the risk of developing lymphoedema, the treatment methods available, and most importantly: prevention methods.

Look Good Feel Better
Cancer treatment can tire the patient, affect their ability to work and may cause changes in patients’ appearance, lowering patients’ morale. This complimentary workshop supported by the Singapore Cancer Society was developed for women undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment and to equip them with practical skills to overcome appearance related side effects of cancer treatment, improving their self-esteem. During the session, trained cosmetologists will teach women hair/wig care, skin care and provide makeup tips to enhance their image.

Inner Peace Meditation
Many thoughts might be keeping your mind busy from the time you are informed of your diagnosis. Discover how meditation can benefit you through silence, wholeness and finding peace. Workshop facilitators will be on hand to guide you through the steps, showing you how to meditate.

Managing Insomnia
Insomnia is a common among cancer patients. Cancer pain, fatigue and depression/anxiety are possible causes of insomnia, and not being able to enjoy quality sleep may in turn have an impact on its very factors listed above. Relieving insomnia symptoms may be a start to improving your overall quality of life, as it may relieve other related symptoms as well. In this workshop, learn about the tips to help you sleep.

Art Therapy
Every patient copes with challenges differently, some may choose to express their worries while others may keep their worries to themselves. If you are not good with sharing your worries, art can be
a medium providing you with a safe way to express emotions, address concerns, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behavior, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem.

art therapy


Zumba, a dance fitness programme founded by Colombian dancer and choreographer, Alberto “Beto” Perez in 1990, involves dance and aerobic elements. Zumba’s choreography incorporates a wide range of music genres and moves. Dance skills and/or background are not required to experience Zumba. Classes will be tailored to suit different fitness levels, to help build strength, improve motion and posture.Get to know new friends through this fun activity too! 

Line Dance
Don’t let cancer slow down your active self. Come, move to the music and make some new friends in this dance class initiated by our patients. 

Circuit Training
A healthy and strong body keeps you alert and helps you to win the fight against cancer. Join us in this training that takes you across various work-out stations, guided by a professional gym instructor. 

CanHealth – Keep Fit & Keep Balance with Functional Exercises
Functional exercises train your muscles to help you engage in everyday activities safely and effectively. Functional exercises are exercises that simultaneously use multiple joints and muscles to improve overall strength, muscular endurance, balance, coordination, posture and agility. This is a challenging yet fun full-body workout to prepare your body for every day, real-world activities. 

Calling for nimble fingers and artistic minds. Engaging in craft creation can be a therapeutic progress and brings much satisfaction as you see your final art exhibit. 


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