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Cancer is a disease that hits the patients and their family hard. Accepting the diagnosis and adjusting to having cancer treatment incorporated into their daily lifestyle routine requires time. Interpersonal interaction may also change as individuals in the family take on new roles. It is an emotional journey for the entire family and every member needs ample support to manage the challenges that comes along.

At CanHOPE, we strive to provide you with the information you need to clarify any negative thoughts that comes along with uncertainties that bother you, hence empowering you with the ability to manage your thinking and better cope with the cancer journey.  
Besides providing you with increased awareness on your condition through patient and caregiver education, we also organise different programmes, workshops and various coordination services to help you and your loved ones adjust to the changes in their treatment journey.

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Patient Relations
Maintaining good relationships is tantamount to your well-being at all times. At times of illness, building trust in relationship can be challenging as ones emotion is most sensitive.

We understand that you are looking for a professional team whom you can trust your health to – from physicians, counsellors, therapists, dietitians to our very own Guest Relations Executives.

Make An Appointment
Identifying a physician to take care of your physical health is the critical first step to take in effective cancer management. However, at Parkway Cancer Centre, we understand that other needs of yours during your cancer journey also needs to be catered to. If you require any help to plan your diet or to address any concerns you may face, do find out more about the services our counsellors, therapists and dietitians provide at CanHOPE.

We will be most happy to help you address your concerns and work with you to reach an optimal health outcome.

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Meet and Greet
Every patient who comes through our doors is met, greeted and guided by our Guest Relations Executives. Like an aide, they are a gentle and assuring presence that many of our patients have come to befriend and rely on.

Many times, you will realise that they become the ones who will help to reinforce your doctors’ advices and remind you to follow your treatment regime, just like a concerned friend will do.

Meet and Greet


Patient Orientation
Being ill in a new land can make patients feel insecure. Our Guest Relations Executives will walk you through what to expect in the treatment process and answer your questions. Aside from that, our Guest Relations Executives will be your host in Singapore, helping you to know your temporary host country and Parkway Cancer Centre better, making you feel at home to their best ability.

This reassurance is vital in helping to free your mind of unnecessary clutter and helps you to focus on your treatment process.

Coordination and Interpretation
Professionally, our Guest Relations Executives attend to patients during treatment transitions and help ensure that their cancer care is well coordinated in Singapore and regionally through our network of CanHOPE offices.

We understand your busy schedules. Our Guest Relations Executives will be able to assist in your logistical planning and help to liaise with your doctors, clinics and radiology centre etc.

In caring for our overseas patients, our Guest Relations Executives also serve as a translator and cultural bridge. Fluent in Russian, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, Arabic, Burmese, English and Mandarin, our Guest Relations Executives are effectively bilingual, with some conversant in as many as three languages.

The education & coordination services cover:

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