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CanHOPE, a non-profit cancer counselling and support service provider by Parkway Cancer Centre Singapore, consists of an experienced, knowledgeable and caring support team with access to comprehensive information on a wide range of topics in education and guidelines in cancer treatment.

The CanHOPE team journeys with patients to provide support and personalised care, working closely with the medical and allied health professionals, to help patients and caregivers to make effective and informed decisions in their treatment.

We believe that tending to our patients’ psychosocial health is just as important as treating them physically. Through CanHOPE, we strive to inspire hope in our patients and their loved ones by helping them better cope with cancer. Cancer counselling, nutritional advice, rehabilitation, education, care coordination and support group activities are at the core of what we do.

Cancer Counselling
Our trained counsellors offer a listening ear and absolute privacy so our patients share their concerns freely to help them better cope with their condition. Counselling can take place face-to-face, over the phone or via email – whichever our patients are most comfortable with.

Nutrition in Cancer Care
Eating well, and eating right, can help patients feel better and stay stronger during their healing journey. Besides educating our patients and their caregivers on nutrition principles, food selection and preparation methods, we also have professional dietitians who can recommend dietary plans and diet modifications.

Stress levels, lifestyles and interpersonal relationships can be affected when cancer intrudes into the lives of patients and their families. We help our patients and their loved ones adjust to life with cancer through patient and caregiver education.

Common side effects experienced during and after cancer treatment may affect our patients’ functional independence, gait or even their quality of life. Our personalised rehabilitative services are designed to empower our patients by assisting the return or improvement in their level of function and endurance.

Our patients draw strength not only from us but from one another. Our CanHOPE Support group provides organised programmes for patients to come together under the leadership of a professional or peer leader. Regardless of their structure, most support group programmes share the same goals of promoting participant self-awareness, providing accurate and timely information, assisting in the discovery of problem solving strategies and fostering mutual support among group members.