CanHOPE Regional Offices

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Our patients come from all over the world to receive the holistic cancer care. Even after they return to their home country, we believe in doing what we can to support them on their healing journey. That was our motivation for setting up CanHOPE offices outside Singapore. Bridging geographical, cultural and language borders, we are gratified to say that today, our cancer care reaches patients in some 20 cities around the world. More importantly, we remain committed to growing our CanHOPE network so that our patients, no matter where they may be, never have to journey alone.

At the centres, you may also enquire for events and support programmes that you may be interested in, to access professional support and make new friends who may be in a similar situation and be able to share coping strategies and be a good listening ear.

For events and support programmes near you, click here.


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