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CanHOPE welcomes any questions or comments you might have. 

For medical questions, we encourage you to review your information with your doctor.

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At CanHOPE, we are always willing to extend a listening ear and a helping hand. Let us know the questions you have in mind and our trained specialists will try to give you an up-to-date answer that you may find useful in making decisions in your cancer journey. If you would like any advice on dilemmas you may be facing, we are also here to help.

Our specialists will also connect you to the services and resources organised by CanHOPE. For enquiries or information, you may contact our CanHOPE hotline at (65) 6738 9333 or fill in the Enquiry Form.  

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Information and knowledge empowers. Follow our collaterals to keep abreast of latest information that might be of use to you. Find out what are some of the activities we have in the pipeline. Stay connected for better social and psychological support.

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Online Resources
If you are not yet ready to make direct contact to discuss your condition, we have a list of ready resources online for your reference. You can read about the below topics on our website: