Cancer Screening

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It is possible to take steps to prevent cancer. Even if you are at higher risk of cancer due to genetic or other factors, it is possible to arrest the disease at an early stage with regular cancer screening.

Regular screening for cancer allows you to detect the disease even before any symptoms present, preventing complications further down the road. Being able to identify cancer early allows the administration of relevant treatments and greatly improves treatment outcomes.


Who should go for screening

If you have a family history of cancer, and have risk of getting cancer, you may like to start screening early. 
There are recommendations for cancer screening for an average risk person without any symptoms. 
Find out more about the types of cancer screening as recommended by the Singapore Ministry of Health here.

Types of screening available

There are different types of screening methods  available for the detection of some cancers. These include mammography for Breast cancer, pap smears for Cervical cancer and faecal immunochemical tests (FIT) for Colorectal cancer. 

Speak to your doctor and have a discussion about your risk factors to decide on the appropriate cancer screening. For further enquiries, please fill in the Enquiry Form